About Us
From an initial client base within the top end of the domestic market, the company now serves the retail sector,
housing development, apartment blocks, hotels and general commercial sectors.

Exceeding Expectations!



The correct specification is the key to producing a long lasting and durable product finish. We pride ourselves
on our specifications, each one tailor made to the specific property, extremely detailed and designed for the
extreme climatic conditions of the Western Cape. Even if we are provided with a 'spec' you can be assured that
it will be scrutinized and, if we feel it necessary, adjusted accordingly.

We also provide colour consultancy if required, supported by free wet samples and sample boards.


Every project we undertake is personally supervised by Richard Cash and supported by a dedicated Project
Manager. We pride ourselves on effective and regular communication with our clients, quality, integrity and


Being a Cape based company, many of our projects are affected by water ingress. Our waterproofing systems
consultant, provides clients with effective solutions to eradicate problems created by water damage.


In response to requests from existing clients and architects we have formed a small yet effective project
management team providing a supporting role in monitoring and managing the day to day activities of trades
other than our own.


Last, but certainly not least, before we hand over any project to a client, Richard Cash will personally
snag all works, and with a specialist snag team ensure that the quality and finishes meet his exacting standards.